Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Rad Dad

He's our man!

Charity took up early morning fishing
with the experts Sister Jensen and Chris.
They caught eight striper bass that were
grilled for dinner and happily devoured by all!
Our five days on the Lake were filled to the max with adventure and fun. On Sunday we boated to Rainbow Bridge and explored a steep, narrow and long slot canyon.

The lower photos are of Mike gliding on a slalom
and jumping it up on the wake board. A chip off the old block.

By the photos you can see we had a fabulous
time at Lake Powell. Everyone played hard
and tried new things...pushing their boundaries
into new areas of skill.
And the old boat, though the engine rattled and
complained rather noisely, faithfully transported us
for hours of water fun and sight seeing on the
this lake encased in beautiful red cliffs.
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The Pro Show

The man to whom it all began shows his stuff

It' s like second nature to Keith

he carves it out

and rips it up!
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More Lake Powell

Kimberly is also a wake board jumper

Thank you to our wonderful friends the Robin and Jan Jensen
for inviting us to be their guests on their house boat

Charity also had fun wake boarding

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The crew

Charity is the best cheerleader

Dad was always in the boat making it fun for everyone.
Numero uno boat driver!

wanna be boat driver
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Yikes !!

Charity dives from a more conservative height

Yes, it is the family favorite catch the ball as you jump game.

Michael jumping with a wake board
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Jumping from greater heights

What would a trip to Lake Powell be with out some cliff jumping?

Michael takes the plunge

then Kimberly
And then Michael, Josh and Jason Jensen entertain us with front flips with a half twist.
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More of Lake Powell

So Michael had this great idea to create a ski pryamid.
They practiced with Kimberly on the top

Then executed with Jason Jensen climbing on top of
Josh Jensen on the left and Michael on the right.

After several close attempts, a lighter weight
Charity was elected to be lifted to the top.

Posted by PicasaThen after awhile the stuntmen settled for duo skiing, crossing over and under each other

Smooth water at Lake Powell makes skiing fun!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monroe family goes to Lake Powell

From the earliest morning rays to the end of the day, the Monroe family enjoyed the warm
water of Lake Powell. Michael on the wake board.

Bev made a comeback on the slalom ski