Monday, May 9, 2011

Homecoming 2010

Our gorgeous daughter Kimberly and her date Jacob Neuenswander pose for a few photos before the Homecoming Dance. 

Elder Monroe 2010

Just an update on our missionary serving in the Louisville Kentucky Spanish Speaking Mission!

All is well in Louisville!

Sea World July 2010

For Mutual, Brother Yip took us on a awesome back-stage tour of Sea World!

"Baby Beluga!"

Girls Camp July 2010

So, This year for Ward Girls Camp we went to Catalina Island! The theme was Survivor, (outsmart outshine, outlast) and we had a blast! Our tribal adventures consisted of snorkeling, kayaking, paddle-boarding, sailing, biking, hiking, and cliff jumping! 

The girls were separated into tribes and each tribe had to compete in challenges, like the food eating one with sardines (whole ones straight from a can), seaweed, hot peppers, and extremely disgusting dehydrated mushrooms! Charity has not liked mushrooms since!

yes, we even completed this with war paint!

My brother Reed sailed his sail boat to Catalina, with his daughter Rachel, who joined in on the fun! Throughout the week, Reed took each tribe out sailing.

We had so much fun!

Babysitting Maggie

While Melanie had to go to her young women's girls camp in June 2010, Charity and I got to go watch Maggie! We had so much fun with this darling girl!

Her first time eating a cheerio! 

We had so much fun spending time with Mel, Dan, and Maggie!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day 2010

Thank you to everyone who made this Mother's Day special for me!

Thank you!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Trip to Manila

We relaxed at lake Taal resort:

Meet baby James!
We got to be there for Laird's birthday!
Another trip to Manila, Philippines! This time all of the family (That means those still living at home - Keith and I, Kimberly and Charity), went to the Philippines to be with the Broadbents! Many wonderful things happened on this trip, and we were able to be there when Jeffrey was baptized!

Singing in Carnegie hall

In March of 2010, Kimberly went with the Die Lieders and women's ensemble, who were elected by audition to participate in the national youth choir on stage at Carnegie hall in New York City. The Die Lieders were selected to be the featured choir and to sing their own set of songs on stage. They dedicated their performance to Chelsea King.

Very sad day for our community and family

Our family and our community was deeply affected by the disappearance of Chelsea King, a good friend of Kimberly from her PHS varsity cross country team, Feb 25, 2010. It was a heart wrenching and emotionally draining experience in one way but yet faith promoting in other ways, as friends and members of our community joined in the searches, prayers and candle light vigils. In God's own way, prayers were answered that she did come home in a sense that her body was found. It was a time of growth and deepening of belief of life after this life for many. Also it has been a time of our community stepping forward to help insure that this type of thing may not happen again.

YW fun

Laurels and Mia Maids in the tie dye shirts we made.

Laurel activity, sewing T-shirt dressed for the girls in Haiti. Feb 2010.

Granddaughter Maggie's blessing

From the tropical warm air of the Philippines to snow in Provo, I flew back to the mainland on Jan 29th of 2010 and joined Keith, Kimberly and Charity on our trek north to Utah. We were able to take in a BYU basketball game that week end and be there for Maggie's baby blessing. Maggie wore the same blessing dress that Melanie wore as an infant years ago when she was blessed. The special little dress was a gift from my dear friend Cheri Lea who served a mission in Riberio Brazil. Coincidently, the same mission Melanie was called to serve 21 years later. A little snowman for a little snow day. Provo in January.

A new Grandson is born!

James Charles Broadbent joined our family on January 20, 2010!! I felt very blessed to be able to go to Manila and spend time with the Broadbents within days after Sheralie gave birth to James. What a joy to be with these cherished grandkids!

Little baby James is very much adored and loved by his older brothers and sister.

Doesn't Sheralie look fabulous for just giving birth! I was so grateful to be there for Sheralie's 29th Birthday!

Surf Camp

Take a Knapp for Christmas

Christmas of 2009 was especially fun as we shared the holiday with our cousins, the Knapps from Idaho playing at the San Diego sunny beaches.